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Chamberlain LiftMaster 3265
1/2 HP Chain Drive Garage Door Opener
Get reliable, steady performance and lifting power with our enhanced 3265 1/2 HP chain drive opener.
Chamberlain LiftMaster 3275
3/4 HP Chain Drive Garage Door Opener.
Open heavy garage doors quickly and quietly with our powerful 3275 3/4 HP chain drive.

Chamberlain LiftMaster 3280
1/2 HP Belt Drive Garage Door Opener
Smooth-running reliability is what our enhanced 3280 belt drive opener delivers – and it's quiet enough not to wake your guests in the bedroom above the garage.
Chamberlain LiftMaster 3595
3/4 HP Carriage House Garage Door Opener. Heavy Duty with I Beam rail
Heavy garage doors are no longer an issue. Our 3595 3/4 HP chain drive is engineered for maximum lifting capacity and super-quiet operation, so it can lift even the heaviest custom or designer garage doors effortlessly.

Chamberlain LiftMaster 3800
DC Motor Residential Jackshaft Opener
Maximize the space in your garage with our space-saving wall-mounted jackshaft opener. It even has an optional standby power system that will continue working, even when the power goes out.
Chamberlain LiftMaster 3850
DC Motor Belt Drive with Battery Backup. Don't let a power outage lock you out of your garage. Our 3850 belt drive opener is the only professionally installed 3/4 HPS® garage door opener with Battery Backup.